April 2, 2020

Letter to Nantucket Select Board

Dear Members of The Nantucket Select Board,

Regarding site work restrictions.

Toscana Corporation has a question: Could you please explain the reasoning behind letting CC Construction and Victor Brandon Corp.(along with their 100% off island commuting crews) return to work on Nantucket with little to no restrictions on manpower and machines?

Meanwhile you are restricting a 40+ year, island owned, professionally managed, OSHA compliant, safety conscious (before it was "required" to be such), 40 local employee staffed, charitable member of the community to fully return to our jobs and job sites.

We have respected your decisions, appreciate your hard work, we have publicly supported your orders to keep our town safe and sympathize with the complexity of the situation that we all find ourselves in...

However, the double standard of the decision mentioned in the first paragraph of this email is impossible to ignore.

We look forward to a response to this question so that we can explain more clearly to our dedicated on island staff as well as our loyal customers why this is happening.

With Much Respect,

Carl Jelleme

Kristina Jelleme

Bernie Perkins

Shane Corry

Jon Pierce