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Toscana Road Blend

$137.00 per Yard

A beautiful blend of native Nantucket base mix, gravel & sand. Perfect for Nantucket roads & driveways. This mix has good gradation and plasticity and will compact well. It will develop a tightly bound surface that needs less maintenance. Problems with excess washboarding, rutting in wet weather, or loosening (floating) in dry weather, will be greatly reduced.

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This product is OMRI Listed. The OMRI Listed® seal assures the suitability of products for certified organic production, handling, and processing.

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This product is grown, processed, and distributed on Nantucket. Sustainable Nantucket’s mission is to preserve the community character of Nantucket while sustaining its economic and environmental vitality.

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This product has been quality tested by Waypoint Analytical. Waypoint Analytical is one of the largest agricultural laboratory groups and among the top 50 environmental lab groups in the United States.

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