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Toscana’s Container Services are designed for customers who need a convenient, cost effective and environmentally conscious way of disposing construction and demolition waste from their job sites.

Since there is No Need to Separate Wood, Plastic, Cardboard, Metal, Gypsum, Etc. only one container is required on the job site at a time. Your crew can stay focused on what they do best and not spend time sorting waste. One container also takes up much less space on the job site too. We supply 30 and 40 yard containers.

With a Quick Phone Call to our Dispatch Office we can Have a Container to Your Site That Day. When the container is ready for pickup it’s just a phone call away and we can either replace it or remove it.

At your request we can provide documentation to comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. With a track record of recycling in excess of 75% of all C&D this may earn LEED points for your project and know that you are meeting the highest environmental standards for your business and projects.

Please Contact John Correia @ 508-228-6785 to Arrange a Container Drop-Off at Your Job Site.

For Billing and / or Documentation Questions Please Contact Kristina Jelleme @ 508-228-1418.

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    John Correia / Manager & Dispatcher 508.228.6785

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