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As a Nantucket Based Contractor for Over 35 Years, We are Uniquely Qualified to Service Residential, Commercial and Public Works Projects. Working from our centrally located base of operation near the airport, we can mobilize and demobilize from job sites quickly. We draw on our large stock of materials further increasing our responsiveness. Our employees are experts at working in tight spaces with an emphasis in maintaining the integrity of adjacent antique structures.

Residential Home Construction & Renovation – Complete package from demolition to new construction, additions to pool installations. Services span land clearing, foundation excavations, utility trenching, backfilling and final grading.

Commercial Development & Rehabilitation – Complete site preparation and infrastructure installations including roadways, water, sewer, gas lines, paving, brick sidewalks, granite and concrete curbing.

Public Infrastructure Installation, Repair & Maintenance – Fully bonded to perform all major infrastructure work including roadways, public water, sewer, drainage systems, manholes and in-ground structures as well as repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Street Openings – Residential and commercial tie ins to town sewer and water mains.

Septic System Installations & Replacements – Standard design and alternative technologies.

Specialized Foundation Work – Instead of going up, or spreading out, go down to create new living spaces.

Below Groundwater Foundations – Cofferdam, tremie slab and active dewatering foundation systems.

Basement Additions – Raise building, remove existing foundation, excavate with building in-place, install new foundation, lower house onto new foundation.

Pile Driven Foundations – When soil conditions are unstable, such as near the shoreline, driven pile foundations are an economical alternative.

Shoring & Retaining Walls – Sheet pile, H-pile or other structural systems for earth and water retention.

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    Jon Klatt / Director of Sales Operations 508.228.1418


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