December 5, 2023

Today with Toscana: Concrete Paving on Nantucket

Toscana Corporation, in collaboration with industry experts, transformed Arrowhead Road, marking the establishment of Nantucket, MA's first concrete-paved road. Partnering with Luke McHugh of Pave Ahead, Sherry Sullivan & Chris Pio of Forta - Optipave, Don Bracken of Bracken Engineering, and Tony Lampasona of Lampasona Concrete, we successfully paved a 10,000 square foot section at the Toscana Corporation headquarters.

Arrowhead Drive, originally a deteriorating asphalt road with drainage issues, became nearly impassable during heavy rain, plagued by potholes and substantial puddles. Serving as a private road for commercial businesses and employee housing, it witnessed constant use by residential and commercial vehicles.

Facing challenges in garnering support from other businesses and residents for a shared cost in rebuilding the road, Carl Jelleme - Founder, President, and CEO of Toscana Corporation, and Jay Jones - Owner of Plumber's Supply & Baynes & Jones Electric, decided to take matters into their own hands. They undertook the project independently, removing existing asphalt, "Cape Cod Berm" curbing, and the failing drainage system.

The transformative results were astounding. Toscana installed new drainage and precast concrete curbing, with experts Luke, Tony, Don, and Sherry contributing to the design and mix specifications. When ready, Tony's crew, led by his brother Ryan, commenced the job, and Chris represented Forta, turning the project into a success.

This endeavor, driven by determination and courage, showcased the benefits of concrete paving, with everyone involved contributing to a seamless and enjoyable experience. The beautiful fall day on Nantucket witnessed a harmonious collaboration, marking a significant accomplishment for all those involved.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in making this vision a reality. Your courage and dedication are truly appreciated.