April 17, 2024

Organic Potting Soil - Now in Bags!

Toscana Corporation is proud to introduce our new Organic Potting Soil made on Nantucket Island! It was designed for larger container planting of ornamental and edible garden plants. This new product joins our Nantucket Soil Collection - Organic Compost, Organic Garden Soil and Organic Lawn Soil.

Our Story:  In the Fall of 2023, Toscana Corporation set a plan to expand our organic product offering to landscape customers by creating a potting soil. We hired R. Alexander Associates, Inc in Apex, NC, to guide us through the rigorous process to bring our concept to life. The goal was to develop an innovative, recycled, safe, organic potting mix, using recycled pine bark and our own Nantucket made organic compost.

The Challenge: Traditionally, potting soil relies on ingredients like vermiculite, peat moss and coconut coir, which may come with environmental and human health concerns.

  • Vermiculite: Mining and processing vermiculite damages the environment and can even contain asbestos, posing health risks.
  • Peat Moss: Peat Moss Bogs are in decline and becoming more scarce. Extracting peat moss destroys vital wetlands, which are crucial for managing storm water and sequestering carbon.
  • Coconut Coir: Processing coir often involves excessive water use and unethical labor practices in some countries. Furthermore, it is produced halfway across the world, so is shipped long distances to get it to the U.S.

Toscana Corporation was committed to develop a more sustainable solution.

The Solution: After conducting growth trials over an 8 week period with different variations and testing, then getting the blend OMRI Listed as ‘allowed for use in certified organic production’, we had made the perfect recipe. It's light and permeable, but heavy enough to keep larger plants upright. Toscana's new potting mix prioritizes recycled ingredients and sustainability. Key ingredients include:

  • Recycled Pine Bark: Sustainable and provides excellent drainage and air circulation, promoting excellent root growth. Two sizes of bark are used, some to allow for the movement of excess water and the other to improve moisture holding and pH buffering capacity.
  • Organic Compost: Rich in organic matter and promoting plant growth, while reducing ‘waste’. Made on Nantucket with 100% recycled non-woody yard trimmings dropped off by local landscapers and homeowners. See our compost story here.

The Benefits:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduces reliance on peat moss, protecting vital carbon stores and keeps materials out of our landfills.
  • Ethically Sourced: Avoids potential labor, fuel costs and water concerns associated with coconut coir.
  • High-Quality Performance: Provides excellent drainage, aeration, and other plant growth factors for thriving plants

The Toscana Difference:

Our story goes beyond just soil. It's about a community that values its environment and embraces innovative solutions. By turning so-called ‘waste’ into a beneficial resource and out of our landfill, we are creating a healthier landscape for our community. This commitment to sustainability is a story worth telling, and it all starts with the ground beneath our feet.

N Magazine featured our compost operation in the August 2023 issue. Click here for the full article.